• Rage Club

    Rage Club* work is a safe learning environment allowing you to reconnect to the archetypal power and intelligence of conscious Anger. 


    And you, what has been your relationship with your anger? Do you think :

    • angry = aggressiveness, 

    • out of control, dangerous, 

    • crazy,

    • hysterical.               


    What do I learn in a Rage Club ?


    In a Rage Club, you shift your vision of anger and learn to :


    🔥get clarity into your life,


    🔥take your authority back, 


    🔥feel safer with yourself and others, 


    🔥learn to say NO ! or YES ! 


    🔥make boundaries, 


    🔥go for what you want ! 

    *Rage Clubs originate from Possibility Management research.
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    Introduction to Rage Club

    Modern Culture gave many of us the impression that anger is bad and that it is better to suppress it. Anger is portrayed as something that is destructive and irresponsible. While unconscious anger has the possibility of being destructive, conscious anger gives you information about what you want and fuels you with the power to do something about it! Use your anger to say ”STOP”, “NO” and “YES”. Use your anger to set and keep your boundaries. Use your anger to create and ask for what you want, Use your anger to stay centered in your own space. Use your anger to tap into the archetypal domains of being a warrior/ess. In the Introduction to Rage Club, you will discover new facets of your anger, and experiment to reclaim your, probably, long lost voice. REGISTRATION: pfabjohanna@yahoo.fr Telegram: +49 176 873 145 53 INVESTMENT: sliding scale 20 - 40 euros to pay by Paypal at: jopfab@gmail.com
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    Introduction to Rage Club for Women

    Rage Club’s are the best way of getting over the old way of thinking that anger is bad, negative or that you don’t have anger. Especially as a woman, we have been often been conditioned to repress our anger, or our anger has been constantly denied by our partners, parents... In this Introduction to Rage Club, you will have a brilliantly clear and safe space to discover the extraordinary possibilities that Conscious Anger offers. You will gain your space back. Learn to say STOP and NO to situations and relationships that doesn't align with you. During the introduction, you will inquire about your relationship to anger, and the possibility of changing that relationship. With a new relationship to Anger, completely new possibilities emerge to morph your frustration into your own decisiveness power. REGISTRATION: pfabjohanna@yahoo.fr Telegram: +49 176 873 145 53 INVESTMENT: 20-40 euros to pay by Paypal at: jopfab@gmail.com
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  • What participants say about Rage Club

    The 4 sessions of Rage Club by Johanna has been a very useful step in my personal development.

    I got to learn a lot about anger, which is something I would avoid initially. I got to reconnect with my own anger and ''tame it'' in a way. 

    As a cis-woman, I am educated to stay smiling and swallow my frustrations. 

    Now I know that I can safely take this power back. I feel now more confident to settle my boundaries, even though it is a long journey.


    Camille, 30, France

    The Rage Club helped me to become aware of the energy flow in my life, and to be able to protect myself from the energies around me, and to be able to use my energy where I want and when I need it.

    This experience has changed my daily life, my self love, my relationships and my friendships.

    I feel blessed to have met Johanna, thanks to her light,

    I have come to see better what is going on in my life.


    Mehrdad, 32, Iran

    Through the workshop I realized that my anger is nothing I have to avoid. Rather Accept it, use it, or stay with it and be focused.


    Sven, 35, Germany

    The Rage Club gave me a psychological framework and a routine of embodied practices to better understand, accept and live into my emotions. The space allowed a genuine and challenging encounter with myself. Through the group work simulations we explored deconditioning ourselves from the personas we perform and daring to speak directly to others and ourselves.


    Thomas, Belgium

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