• Pirate Training


    Life is a big Adventure, filled with many adventures.


    And you are an Adventurer just by being on this Planet.


    Have you ever considered becoming a skillful adventurer and even more ...


    ... Like a pirate?


    Becoming a skillful life Adventurer and Pirate will require you a new set of skills we will be going through during this training.


    Ready to engage in piracy?




    Joining the Pirate Training means that you are joining a CREW of Captains of Next Culture.


    In the paradigm of Next Culture,


    • You show up from a tremendously vast space.


    • You feel safe enough to take the next step, the next adventure; you have your own authority, and you don’t get hooked on other people’s low drama, manipulation, and games.


    • You play High Dramas for your next Adventure, for the extraordinary and magic to happen.


    • You show up with your Authority, you are not afraid to be the conscious asshole in the room, and therefore


    • You get to shift spaces and serve transformation in alignment and integrity with the greatest context of Life.


    • You walk your Path feeling safe whatever arises; you are open to infinite Possibilities


    • And you get to live (and should live) High Level of Fun Adventures while doing that.





    And it is your commitment to your Adventure that takes you there.


    This training is a very practical hands-on space for you to learn and practice.


    We are navigating spaces and creating extraordinary spaces.


    We are sailing in the unknown.


    Getting your X on the map, your treasure hunt starts there.


    Know your rules and how they are doorways and prisons in your adventures.


    Shift identity.




    As a Pirate, you can choose to have a High Level of Fun on the way and create any adventuring party that operates on the high seas on your sailship.