• Liberate your Aliveness

    8 weeks to 6 months

    1:1 Coaching


    During this program, you will :



    • Get cristal clear about your desires. 


    • Give yourself permission to Be and embody your Essence.


    • Feel WORTHY of all the things you desire—calling in next level impact, abundance, love, happiness, pleasure, fun and joy in with ease —


    • Go into the path of Initiation into Adulthood and take Radical Responability for your Life.


    • Recognize and express your different bodies' needs to be truly authentic.


    • Navigate your emotions and receive their informations so that you can create new possibilities for yourself and others.


    • Get to know and connect with your Underworld and your Gremlin (inner critic, shadow...)


    • Stop pleasing others, set boundaries and find your own authority.


    • Learn how to tap into the Unknown, infinite ressources for you to step in.


    • Develop trust in your feelings and intuition, reconnect with your truth and feel confident stepping up in your mission.


    • Alignement work, spend time with yourself being gentle, creative, fun and nourishing way. Stay connected and aligned during the day.


    • Embody your next level of confidence, authenticity and femininity.


    • Takie deep care of your body temple through free movement and pleasure practices. 


    • Let go of inner pressure and deep stress and have deep trust in Life.


    • Nourish, celebrate and worship your Goddess, opening your Heart.


  • Yes, I am ready

    for deep transformation and healing

  • Possibility Coaching



    Windows are for seeing through.


    Doors are for going through.


    Bridges are for crossing over into new territory.



    Possibility Coaching opens windows, doorways, and bridges to entirely different futures for you to use if you choose.


    The value of Possibility Coaching is that it gives you new options to choose from and the clarity and energy to transform new choices into new actions that create new results.


    The context of Possibility Coaching is Possibility, Radical Responsibility, and Authentic Adulthood.


    Contrary to psychoanalysis or other coaching, Possibility Coaching uses distinctions, clarity and emotional healing processes,

    to empower you to create the life you want to create.

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